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  • printing out pages

    So my first scrapbook is DONE!!!! It's a whopping 47 pages (for my son Joey's first year). His birthday is next week so I want to have it out for the party.

    Anyway, I burned the pages to a photo CD, and I plan on taking it to Kinkos or Walmart to print them out. However, I noticed that the images on the CD are fairly small (less than 300 kb). I usually print out pictures that are 1+ MB. Will the resolution of the pages be affected because of this? Is there a better way to save them/print them out? I can't do it at home because my printer is not great.


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    Hi Marcie!

    When you publish your images (File > Publish To > Images), make sure you set the Image Quality to either High or Highest. Also, set the Image Size to Full Size.

    Also, check what your page size is by going to Page > Settings and then clicking on the Size tab. In the presets dropdown, there are a number of different choices, each optimized for a particular resolution. A good rule of thumb is to create your layouts at the largest size you're going to think you want to print at (hint - the default of 8 x 8 at 200 pixels/inch will give great results even when printing 12x12 pages).

    If you've created smaller layouts, don't worry! They can still print out OK, especially if you are getting smaller prints like 4x6. They just might not look as good as they could if you want to print them at 8x10 or something.

    Tip - For truly stunning printed results, you'll want 150 pixels per inch or greater (200 ppi is best - 300 ppi is too much for any consumer level print, but some people choose it anyways).
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      Thanks for the tips. The default for the image quality is "high" and "full size" so that part is no problem.

      I did check out the page size and it's set at "custom", with 95 dpi. I've already burned the book to a CD. I think what I'm going to do is have my dad print them out at work (ultra-awesome printer), abd see how they turn out. I started to think about how much $$$ it'd be if I took it to Wal-Mart or Kinko's... even if I could get it for $2 per page (8x10), I'd be looking at almost $100! My dad can do it for free, so I'll see how that looks. Maybe I'll go somewhere and print out 4x6's... although then you might not be able to read my journals.




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        One other idea you might like is that you can use Scrapbook MAX! to publish your scrapbook to a digital form like either a Video CD or a Slideshow CD and then give those out as gifts to aunts, uncles, grandparents etc! It's a *lot* less expensive than having to print each page, and it's a pretty unique way to share your photos with your friends and family!
        Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!


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          Go dad go.

          The cool thing about the video CDs is that they playback in a DVD player so the person you are sharing it with doesn't even need to have a computer, they can just watch it on TV. Ideal for Grandparents, etc.

          P.S. I'm not implying that Grandparents are less computer savvy than anyone else, just that they might enjoy casual viewing with friends on the TV more than a small computer monitor. It's a lot easier to get 5-6 friends gathered around a TV than a computer.
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            Another idea to print your book- there's a website called "Scrapbooks to Share" They print scrapbook pages for $0.75 to $1.25 per page (depending on paper size) using lazer technology. You can send in a scrapbook page and they will send you a sample on three different papers for free! I just got my samples today and they are really great quality! It's worth a try......