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Confused over copyright laws

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  • Confused over copyright laws

    Just a little confused about copyright laws.
    Am I able to use embellishments on a template that I have created that came with the Scrapbook Max program. Just don't want to step on anyones toes and certainly want to be doing the wrong thing.
    Can anyone clarify this for me
    Thanks Suze
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    oops...make that I DON'T want to be doing the wrong thing


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      This is how I understand this.
      You can share it with others on this forum if:
      1. If it came with the scrapbook max program
      2. If you created it yourself.
      3. If some one uploaded the template or embellishment to the forum and did not specify that it could not be shared.

      You cannot share it if:
      1. You got it from another website. (free or paid for)
      2. If you bought it at the scrapbookmax store.
      3. If the template was uploaded to this website, but the creater specified that it could not be redistributed.

      In all cases it is perfectly ok to post your layout in the gallery to brag a little and show off your creation!

      This is the simple version. If I missed something, I am sure someone will fill in the rest.



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        You covered that pretty well Marion. The only thing I would add is that "created yourself" means you have a graphics editor like Photoshop and you make the image from scratch. Unless you have written permission from the owner to use and alter an image, in which case you can share it.

        We know you're all trying really hard to respect copyrights laws and to be fair to designers, and we thank you for doing this. It's so easy to get carried away and to want to share a really neat image we see somewhere. But if we do, then sooner or later designers have to stop creating, and then every one suffers.

        Thank you for being consciencious about this.


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          Nicely stated Marion & Granny

          Yes I agree copyright can be hard to understand....Thats why I always include a Terms of use with all my creations, also I give credit to Designers and Places like Dover, who have certain restrictions to usage of their work, or clip art they own...I contacted Dover to be sure that I didn't break any copyright restrictions when using their Clip Art that I purchased.
          I can use no more then 9 items in one kit, which I have yet to do....I have seen other sites that let their designers use more and call it Altered Art...I also get written statements from Designers to make sure I fully understand their Copyright restrictions, that way I know, and no legal problems arise.

          Rest assured that anything I give the Max Members can be used with the knowledge that NO Copyright was violated....If I can't share it, I won't give it to anyone....

          Please Remember to ALWAYS read The designers Terms of use included with each Kit or Element set, and if you have any Questions E-Mail the Designer, they are more then happy to help you understand their terms of use.


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            Thankyou all so much for clearing that up. It is extremely appreciated.
            Now to get busy and see what I can do.... Suze