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  • Sharing embs

    I have finally figured out how to install a booster pack into sbm, can someone please tell me how do I upload to sbm so I can share my creations with everyone? Kristi
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    This is what I use (downloaded from SBM) to upload embellishments to this site.
    Hope it works for you!!!
    Look foward to seeing your creations......


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      Thanks Mary,
      I am quite confused, I used the Emb pack maker and got my 1st pack into my sbm emb section, but I can't work out how to get it into the emb section on the sbm site so I can share. Can you explain in more detail? Sorry to be an air head.
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        Hello, to get it into the sharing forum post a new thread or scroll down on reply. On the left you will see manage attachments. click on that and browse to where the file is, select the one you choose and upload. When you post your reply or new message it will be there and available to install in max embies. Hope this helps. I am sure someone else will chime in also.

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          Thank you for your help, I finally worked it out, I just couldn't get a picture of the embs, when I clicked on the icon to add an image I was asked to put a url in?????????????
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            Hi Kritt... You upload the picture the same way you upload the smb. Just do one first, then the other!

            Oh, and welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing!!


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