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    Hi I am new here, sorry if this has been posted before. My printer can't handle 12 by 12 paper. How can I print my pages on standard size paper?

    Also how can I move other templates and fonts into the scrapbook max files?

    Randy's Grandma

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    I've taken 12 x 12 layouts and resized them to 8 x 8 for printing on regular paper and then trim off the edges. You'll find the options for page sizes under the menus Page-->Settings and then the size tab fo the dialog box that opens.

    If your fonts are installed on windows then they should be available in Scrapbook Max.

    I don't use templates much so I can't speak to that question. Hopefully someone else can.

    Hope this helps.
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      printing question - backgrounds

      I'm new to digital scrapbooking - and scrapbooking in general. So far all I've done is create cd's of my scrapbooks. I need to print out one for myself to keep - and one for my mom. Does anyone know of any place that specifically creates scrapbook-sized papers for printing? I have a fantastic printer - but I hate to waste 8.5x11 inch paper when I really only want an 8x8 scrapbook. My printer handles any size paper - including rolls. Also - is matte better for scrapbooks than glossy? or vice versa? I thought before I started some expensive experiments on my own I would draw on you all's extensive experience!

      Thanks for any guidance!