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  • Printer questions

    I have been gone since the 14th, my baby had a 106 degree fever, and got sent to the hospital 150 miles away.

    Now, I am home, and wanting to SBM even more! I was thinking about getting a printer for home, and wanted to know what was recommended for printing my pages.

    Any information you can give would be a BIG help!

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    Welcome back and I pray your baby is well.

    I've just been looking at the wide format printers and boy do they have a nice price attached to them. Think I'll be leaving them alone for a while.

    The last printer I bought was a Canon Pixma IP6000D but that was 2 years ago now. What I liked about it other than the print quality was the fact that each colour has its own cartridge. My husband n I were fed up of throwing away a tri-colour cartridge when only one of the inks had run out. With this printer we only replace the specific colour that has run out. We've spent much less on ink since. I know that a few other companies have started to produce printers that allow this but there is one suggestion to get you started on your hunt

    Good Luck in finding the printer thats right for you.
    Sue xx

    sigpic Makeyesup and Marion are my Buddies

    Relax, take it easy and enjoy.


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      Canon a must

      The Canon Pixma 9000 rocks! Priced at $400-$500 depending on where you pick one up, print quality is great and the ink refill system does save you a bundle over time.

      One word of caution: As with any higher end photo printer, there may be ICC profile issues that you will need to work out.




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        I like EPSON printers

        Epson Stylus® Photo 1280 ink jet printer is the ideal large-format choice. It creates beautiful 8" x 10" prints in as fast as 1 minute 50 seconds¹ and inspiring 13" x 44" panoramas faster than ever.

        Prints up to 13-inches wide
        6-color Photographic Dye™ Ink System
        5760 x 720 optimized dpi
        True BorderFree® photo printing in 6 popular sizes
        Ideal for 12" x 12" scrapbook layouts
        Water-resistant and lightfast¹ media
        USB / Parallel Interface


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          Wow, good price on that one. I paid $400 for my Hp 3 years ago!



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            Wow, that is a killer price. I would jump on that on in a heartbeat if I did not already have printers coming out my ears. Epson makes a solid printer.


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              I'm gonna take back my words ..... That printer is a great price. I'd also jump on that one if I didn't have a couple of printers already and a washing machine thats just decided to die on me ... and with a 2 1/2 year old, washing machine comes 1st. LOL
              Sue xx

              sigpic Makeyesup and Marion are my Buddies

              Relax, take it easy and enjoy.


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                I considered the Epson 1280 but decided to go with the Epson R1800 for the simple reason that it printed 12X12 by default so I wouldn't have to monkey with user defined page settings. Also - I could print borderless 12X12 with the R1800. It uses 8 ink cartridges instead of the one black and one 3 color one so you only have to replace the color that is out and it gives a better color match - although you probably won't notice the difference in most scrapbook printing.

                I got mine from while they had a $100 rebate offer and I went through some online discount site so I got an extra 10% off with free shipping so the whole thing was about $390 or so. I've been VERY happy with it, even though it takes up a TON of space and I've already had to replace ink - I've only had it for a month but I've been printing a LOT.


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                  Very helpful!

                  You have all been very helpful. I really like the idea of using seperate cartridges for ink. We tend to print on the heavy side of the Blues... (yes I know, I have a girl... but we are not "pink" people...) would that work for 12 x 12 pages? I am kind of confused? I like the last epson mentioned, but I don't want to spend $500 on a printer

                  what do you think of the printer below? Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Photo Printer (9995A001) would that work for 12 x 12 pages? I am kind of confused? I like the last epson mentioned, but I don't want to spend $500 on a printer


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                    Yes, Pixma 9000 would work, I have it at work for large format photo printing. It is a solid printer, but is in that $500 range. Other then the epson listed above I am not sure I have seen a large format printer for less then $400, and usually closer to $500 unless you can grab a rebate or special discount. Sorry


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                      Hey. The Cannon is a nice printer as well - it is Cannon's comparison to the R1800 from Epson. There are really about 4 printers out there that print in the 12X12 or more range. The two Epson ones, that Cannon one, and an HP one. The HP one is kinda a lot cheaper, I think it is in the $200 range, but it has HORRIBLE reviews and from what I've researched, not even worth $50. Everyone that got it said that they returned it and got one of the other three. The other three are pretty spendy. The Epson 1280 is the cheapest of the three but it doesn't have 12X12 sizes defaulted or borderless and the ink comes in one black and one 3 color cartridge. Other then that though - it will probably be just as nice. Check around though because with good deals, you can get any of the three for about the same cost.

                      Another idea is to get them used. The Epson R1800 was quoted to me as being "too old" to stock anymore from Best Buy so they were willing to sell me the floor display for a discount. They were not, however, willing to also refill the ink that they had used so it didn't end up being a better deal then what I had gotten. Maybe another dealer would be more generous though. Ebay also has potential.

                      Good luck!


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                        Where the heck did I find it for cheaper... I thought I had it in a lower price bracket... Darn! I want something nice, without a "nice" price... Pooh!


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                          This is a real bargain...

                          Product In Stock

                          Regular price: $299.00
                          Mail-In Rebate: -$100.00
                          Instant Rebate: -$29.90
                          After Rebate(s): $169.10

                          FREE Ground Shipping for a limited time
                          Superior, 6-color Photo Ink System
                          True BorderFree™ photo printing in 6 popular sizes
                          4-picoliter variable-sized ink droplets
                          Water-resistant and lightfast¹ media
                          Standard individual black ink cartridge
                          Windows® and Macintosh® compatible



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                            Printer decision

                            Well, I went to "the city" this weekend with my husband and his family. Nebraska Furniture Mart... to look for lamps. Instead, we left with 2 22" flat screen monitors I found the Canon Pixma 9000 there, on sale. But It was still almost $500 without any real ink cartridges. I decided I would have my good pages printed out by someone else. I don't think I will ever be good enough to need a $500 printer. And besides, I haven't had time to actually work on a page since October. And Ruth is not even quite 5 months old yet... what will I do when she is a toddler! I am already out of time

                            Thank you all for your input, I have appreciated the help.


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                              I'm gonna make myself sound like a cheap backwoods hick here - LOL - but I looooooove my Lexmark PrinTrio X1185 (printer/scanner/copier) that my dear father gave me as a gift for Christmas two years ago. It cost him all of $40.00 (yes, that's forty) at Wal-Mart and I've never had a single problem with it - it's still going strong. Prints great, excellent photo output, etc., etc....just wouldn't be good for anyone who needs larger size printing done.

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