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  • Marion.....

    You made the News!!! What a great interview!!!! They forgot to mention that you are a doctor!!! And in your spare time you like to take everyones cash!!!! To help pay for new car and a new boat!!! LOL
    Congrats to you!!!!!!

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    Thanks Carol! As always, I kept it short and sweet.


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      Great article Marion, love these little insights into the posters.
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        Nice interview Marion! One thing is true for sure, you do try to hep other's even outside of scrapsville! and I agree,I wouldn't want the life of someone famous, I would'nt want to live like that. I much prefer my own life!


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          Congratulations, Marion!!! I'm glad the Grooves is in the groove, cause you really deserve to be in the spot light. You are a real great designer. I love all your work. It was a great interview and very true to your lovely personality.

          Keep up the great work, my dear shrinkidink. Maybe you can become a designer for SMB and pay for your own car and boat, I need a brake!


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            Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Marion! Great interview...simple and sweet. Loooooooooooove the page of the boys...they're adorable!

            Be good to your favorite designer (I used to be one!) by LETTING THEM KNOW how much you appreciate their work!


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              Loved your interview!

              So great to see you in The Groove! You are so talented and generous, it was perfect to have you in the spotlight.


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                Nice interview Marion. Glad to know more about you.
                If I slip and fall please get a hold of crops2dawn or OnieRN to pick me back up!


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                  I enjoyed reading your interview Marion. You're now a famous doctor and a star both!!


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                    Congratulations Marion for being the featured scrapper in the Groove, you certainly deserve it, you are one very talented lady & also a terrific help & friend to your buddies here in SBM!


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                      We're so proud of you Marion and all of your hard work! A special thanks for all the generous help you offer to us, when we get into situations.

                      Your loved by all of SBM and Scrapsville!

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                        Congradulations Marion..I cant think of anyone who deserves the honor more..great interview..
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                          ((((hugs)))) Wtg !!!!!!!!!

                          Oh Marion Wow, you're a star for sure, Love the interview, and your pict is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!! Just gotta say I am So very proud to call you Our Sis & Friend....Your work is beyond amazing, but your Heart is Golden...I enjoy evrything you do and I sooooooooo appreciate your comments and support...
                          Like Tina Turner said " Your Simply the BEST "...BML another (((HUG)))