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do i need photoshop to crop in circle way??

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  • do i need photoshop to crop in circle way??

    i would like to buy scrapbookmax but i have other scrapbook programs i bought and when i add a photo to the layout i dont know how to cropin circle,oval or other shape. can i do that in scrapbookmax?

    i dont have photoshop , do i have to have a photo editing program to use scrapbook max?
    thanks very much

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    YEs, you can do that in SBM. Double click on the picture and choose the "change shape" function. If the shape you want is not there, there are several people that have uploaded fancy and also common photo shapes in the sharing corner.



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      Thanks Marion,[LIST]
      1. where can i find the sharing corner?
      2. can i be able to open scarbookmax embellishments, layouts in other scrapbook softwares?

      3. then i dont need any photo editing program to use scrapbook max?

      sorry for so much questions but i dont understand very well.



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        Hi Bryana, the sharing corner is on the same page the community forum is. just look a little farther down and it will show separate links to Templates and Embellishments. This is where every one shares what they have made.

        Here is a link to some extra basic photoshapes

        You don't need additional software with Scrapbook Max but lots of people make there stuff with other programs and then use it in this program with their layouts.

        Hope that helps!