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    Originally posted by ttjab3 View Post
    Hi all,
    I am brand spanking new here!! I have ordered the CD and should be getting it soon. We homeschool and we will be using scrapbooking for our History and Science ~ however, I love to take pictures, I have tons!! I am so excited to get going on making up scrapbooks for them.
    We were cleaning up today, and I came across our wedding album. I SO want to make up our wedding scrapbook!!
    I just need to get the pictures scanned and then I am on my way.

    I was just wondering if you all have any wedding stuff I can use or where to go to find stuff to use?
    Thank you in advance for any help or ideas!!

    Take care,
    God Bless,
    Have you tried doing a SEARCH from the tool bar above. Threads are for those who have something to post..Post searches everyone mentioning the words you search. Find hidden treasures everywhere with these searches.

    This is a template I made a month ago. We have many others on the site and nice thing about these is you can keep popping the page up and rearrange for additional layouts. NanaC made 4 more using this layout..GORGEOUS!! Search the gallery from some layout Ideas if necessary!! GOOD LUCK!!