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  • Need more help with printing

    So my dad is printing out the pages for my first scrapbook at work. However, of the 51 or so pages, only about a dozen have a high enough resolution to print in an 8x8 or 8x10 format. The rest are too small. So I went into Page Settings and tried to change the smaller ones from the "custom" default setting (96 ppi) to the "Regular 8x8 scrapbook setting" (200 ppi), and my entire original page shrunk down to a corner of the page! Does anyone know how I can change the resolution without this happening??


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    The issue that you are having is due to the fact that those pages were created at screen resolution, rather than print resolution. In other words, you are trying to create enlargements without having enough information in the originals to get optimal results. Your best solution is to either recreate your pages at 8x8 200 ppi, or simply print them out at smaller sizes, like 4x6.

    Adam Kapilik


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      That sucks.... I want to have this scrapbook ready for my son's birthday party (he turned 1 yesterday; the party is on Sunday).

      Anyone else have ideas???


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        Printing problem

        I had several of my layouts in a 8x8 96dpi format. I printed it out in a 11x11 size and it was slightly fuzzy, but not really bad. I think you could get away with printing it in a 8x8 format and still have a very nice layout. Try it with one and see how it works and if it is not too bad, then print the remainder. I really think it won't be as bad as you think.

        Hope this helps.



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          One of my pages, I tried printing out to see what it'd look like, and it prints a VERY small square in the middle of the page, even when I set it at 8x10 printing. Any idea why it'd do this?



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            What dpi was the layout you tried to print? Anytime you go from a small dpi and increase it you'll get a fuzzy layout. You might be able to do the book at 200 dpi and 8x8 without much problem.
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              printing problem

              Actually, what I did is print it out in a different program then ScrapbookMax.
              I used Microsoft Digital Image suite, but I imagine any program will do the same. I saved it in JPG format and then I imported the page into MS digital. I stretched the picture to fit the size page I wanted it to print in. You can do that in page setup. And like I said even at the 11x11 it was only slightly fuzzy using the 96 dpi settings. Not nearly the quality as with the new print options but I was able to still use it in my scrapbook. So I think printing a 8x8 should work out just fine for you. You may have to experiment a bit. Keep trying, I am sure you will find a solution without having to redo everything.
              Let me know if it works out and GOOD LUCK!



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                Just to be clear, the problem with this particular project is that it was created at 750x500 pixels, which is 3.75 x 2.75 inches at 200 pixels per inch. Trying to print a page out larger than that, while it will work, will result in reduced quality to some extent. Doing 5x7 wouldn't be bad, but trying to get 8.5 x 11 inches out of it would definitely look a bit fuzzy.

                The latest version of Scrapbook MAX! defaults to 1600x1600 pixels which is 8x 8 inches at 200 pixels per inch. That's more that enough for fantastic looking prints, simply by choosing File > Print within the Scrapbook MAX! software - no other software required.
                Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!