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  • Can this be done?

    Good day everbody
    I just downloaded the trial version yesterday, and I am a little overwhelmed- being a newbie- in all senses- scrabbooking and posting on forums-so be gentle- What I would like to know is - after I make a scrapbook page can I change the file format to a jpeg to import it into photoshop?
    thank you for your help

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    Yes, to change it to a jpg, just go to file/publish to images.
    It will be in My documents/ScrapbookMax/published files.



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      Thank you

      Thank you Marion

      Wow things really move fast - I didn't reallize you could get answers this fast. I have been reading all the awsome things that you guys are doing, mostly the community that you guys have here, it is really something. Now that I know that this program is not too strick with its personal format it is very very useful to me working with my husbands photography.


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        Marions a good teacher as well as a Dr lol
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