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  • Printing

    I have just downloaded the trial version of Scrapbook Max and noticed the ability to use a printing service to print the finished pages. In the full version, can I also download pages to a local camera shop (or similar locations) for printing?

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    Online Developing works great

    I only used the online developing one time and found it comparable in price to local sources, even with the shipping cost (ie-Walmart). The photos were cut to 8X8 and sent from a photo shop in a town about 30 miles away. I presume photo studios contract with this email service and the orders are sent to the nearest location. I did not have a choice where to have the photos developed. They did a nice job and will use the service again when I develop the next set of pages. It was a lot easier than putting the pictures on a disk and running to Walmart.


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      It's totally up to you! We offer a really convenient online printing service or you can very easily publish to standard JPG images that you can take to your local photo developer for printing.
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