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Getting template pages together?

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  • Getting template pages together?

    I have been racking my head trying to figure this out....

    Some of the brilliant and beautiful templates shared by others come separated in pages... I noticed when i open scrapbook max, it shows each page there... needless to say its getting crowded (and i am an organizaholic). Is it possible to move the template of one page.. into a template as an added page? (ie only open one, and all 4 pages are in the one template)

    I hope that made sense! Long day!

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    If I understand you right...this is what you can do.

    The first step is to download the template from the template forum.

    In the Scrapbook Max program, open the scrapbook file that you would like to ADD the new page or pages to. From the top toolbar, choose "Page", then "Import". This will then give you a list of each FILE on the left. As you choose the a file, the pages that are IN that file will show up on the right of the box. Choose one of the pages and click OK. The program with then add that page to your open scrapbook. Once you save - you could go back and delete the file that originally had the page you just added. Make sense??

    If you don't know where those files are, you just go to "My Computer" and choose Program Files from the C: drive. Under program files, choose Scrapbook MAX, then the templates file.

    I hope this helps!


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      That doesnt seem to be the answer, but taught me something new..!!! The method you just described wont let me select out of the templates... only select pages i have done.

      let me try to see if i can explain this more... For example, there are alot of great templates in the january challenge. When you first open up scrapbook max, you can pick through them... Rather than have 20 individual pages listed on that first popup, is there a way to make an album of it? Ie, so you only select one template, and it opens up with all the templates as pages?

      gosh i really hope i explained it this time! have a sick baby and havnt gotten much sleep!