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    I have recently purchased this software and love it! I have created many layouts and would like to upload them to a site to show them off. However that site only accepts jpgs. I am able to change the file extension to jpg but in doing so I lose the size/resolution and they are pixelated and hard to view. Any help in doing this easily would be appreciated.

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    hi and welcome to SBM

    open your pages in SBM go to file > publish to > images
    browse to decide where to file your pages and then ok and this will save your pages as jpegs
    just upload these pages to gallery

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      Hi there - and welcome to MAX!!

      When your page is finished, from your top toolbar, choose "File" then "Publish to" then "Images". You will be prompted to pick a folder to save the image in, and underneath that you can choose the Image quality and Image size. If you choose Highest and Full Size, the jpeg will be between 1 and 2 megabites in size. Most of us here choose either Medium, Medium or High Medium to post in the gallery. After you click your preferences, the program extracts your page as a .jpeg to a separate file without changing your original Scrapbook MAX file. (That way you can still go back and make changes to your page.)

      I hope this helps! Happy Scrappin!


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        Ooops! Angel beat me to it! Hope you figure it out!