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Question on Random Images in Gallery

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  • Question on Random Images in Gallery

    Like that random images has come back. However, when I click on the 'more' button, it only works once. Cannot see anymore than the original and second batch. Is that how it is set up?

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    Hi there ,

    To answer your question, yes. The Random Images section stores two "pages" of randomly generated images at a time, so when you click "more", you see the second and last page at the moment that you click on it. Those images will change throughout the day though so you will see a bunch of different images if you pop by at different times.


    P.S. I like the Random Images too - it was a great suggestion to have that section "re-instated"!

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      YES ~ like having the random images back again.


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        Best thing since bottled beer....err...buttered bread...well, you know.
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