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  • too many files

    I have downloaded tons of smb files and when i double click it says it put it into scrap but I cannot find alot of many. What do I do?

    I put alot of my photos and organized it in my documents under my pictures. How can I get all these smb put there and not into scrapmax?

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    I think I do it the hard way, so hopefully someone else will let you know the easy way, but here's what I do:

    Go to Windows Explorer
    Go to Programs
    Go to Scrapbook Max!
    Go to Gallery, Images, Embellishments
    Open the embellishments and choose folders you want moved.
    Select the embies and move them to My Pictures

    Hope this helps.


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      thats what I do except I put them in a totally new folder called scrapping stuff.


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        Yes, I do that too, I just have all my stuff in a folder in my documents, then subdivided into papers, flowers, tags etc.. Well that was how I started, as I meant to go on, though things do go astray at times. Nice surprise when I find things in unexpected places!


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          I do the same thing. Once you get used to doing it - it's not so hard anymore.


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            Me Too EXCEPT......

            If you "Right Click" your Gallery folder, then send it to the desk top..... life is so much easier! With the shortcut on the desktop, you only have to open the shortcut up to get to your folders! Don't have to go through all the steps of going to program files then SBM etc etc etc.

            On a simpler note, I opened up the "gallery" folder and Right clicked (individually) my Embelishments, Backgrounds, scraps and shapes and created shortcuts for all four on my desktop!

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