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    yes julie.. yes yes yes... i love brag books, id buy them... they are so much easier to print out and send to family


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      Those were adorable. I love the quick pages also. This is a great idea. How about blank ones, or grey scale ones that we could use our own papers and embies in case we didn't want a valentine theme.


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        This will be added to the store as soon as Desmond gets to it

        It has 20 layouts - 10 horizontal and 10 vertical, plus a cover page that says "Happy Valentines Day" in case you get one of those photo albums that has a peekabook window thingie in the front.

        It's got a "Valentine" feel to it for sure but could be used for other things.

        I will also be adding others using my earthy, sweet dreams, and alstroemeria kits as well as a Quick Click version!

        Hope y'all can use them!

        I made a prototype and had it printed at Sam's and am soooooooo excited about it!

        I have already made 4 different versions for different family members!!

        I think these will really be neat gift ideas.

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          PS - My intention is to add a new one each month - themed by month or at least by season

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            Oh Julie - these are so very cute and clever! Great idea.


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              This idea is sure to be a winner! I love brag books - they can be printed anywhere!!


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                your book is wonderful not sure if i have enough pic's of me to make hubby a nice present.

                Originally posted by juliehclark View Post
                OK - please tell me if this is something you'd like to see in the store.

                A set of 20 4x6 layouts (10 vert / 10 horiz) that you could plug your pictures into, upload to your favorite printer, and place in a brag book.

                (I found some adorable 20 page accordian type books at Dollar General - they tie at the top with a pretty ribbon and are only $1!)

                I'm thinking this would make lovely valentine gifts for the grandmothers in my family.

                Here's a link to 10 horizontal layouts. Just wanting feedback before I develop this product.


                thanks, y'all!!


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                  I do albums in assorted sizes. My favorite sizes are 8 x 8 and 8 x 10. I also do some on photo slide CD's. I like the idea of 4 x 6 mini albums. If you are still taking requests. I have 2 projects in mind. I am doing my family history and would love to do a memorial album for those who have served in the military. I have photos of family members in uniform from the civil war to those serving in Iraq. I have both men and women who have served. About 1/2 of the photos are in black and white the rest in color.

                  Another idea I have is just for an every day album. Like a photo of mom making breakfast, dad fixing the car, kids playing with pets. I love candid photos. But I often have a lot of photos I cant quite fit in to one theme. At one time I was going to use the 8 basic colors used in a box of Crayola crayons and simple shapes but I never got out of the planning stage.
                  Thanks Jo


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                    Great idea, I'm gonna try one of these brag books myself, I'd never heard of them before, but it's a great way to carry on scrapping while saving money on the printing due to the size and they'd be compact enough to make fantastic gifts!



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                      A3+ Printing

                      A clever idea Julie and good luck with it all! I bought an A3 printer last year for printing digital art and portraits mainly. I'm keen to start doing a few scrapbook layouts 12 x 12 but hadn't yet thought about the extra paper left, so this idea is excellent and thank you for sharing. On an A3+ size you can do one 12 x 12 plus three 4 x 6.

                      I just had my grand-daughter staying and I'd promised her a few layouts of photos we'd taken over the holiday season. However, I think the brag books at 4 x 6 are a far better idea at her age (she's 7), easier to handle and take anywhere she wishes.

                      Digital Fine Artist


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                        For "everyday" books, I have used my alstroemeria kit for a template so it's just kind of feminine and springy - Will be adding the earthy one later today. There's also the Quick CLick version available if you ant to use your own papers! )

                        Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming! I know all the other designers are getting good ideas from this, too!

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                          I loved your ABC book - I would purchase something like that---snap in the piture and away you go.


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                            I stick to 8x8 size pages and I print at home. I found a wonderful expandable leather album at Walmart for $7.99 and usually find pkgs of refill pages for less than $3. I am very interested in brag books. I havent made any albums as gifts but Id love to start. Especially for my daughter's. My one daughter loves pets so a pet brag book would be great. An everyday album would be great too like mentioned before. I take alot of random pics just of everyday activities.

                            Thank you Julie!!


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                              Originally posted by spanielmom View Post
                              I loved your ABC book - I would purchase something like that---snap in the piture and away you go.
                              I'm actually working on this but it will be a HUGE file. It's 30 pages long!!!

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                                I do it all...depends on what "Big Lots" has in stock!

                                I like 6X6 albums because I can use my cutter and get perfect squares out of a 12" paper.

                                I have some stickers someone gave me of LOTS of to find a way to use those.

                                I usually tie mini books together, not by theme "stuff", but by color groups. If the paper color group works well together from page to page, the album looks fun to pick up.

                                I even made Grandma a little 3X3. She loves it. Good for her purse or coffee table. I just printed VERY small pics! Great thing about printing your own pics at home!