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  • A Friendly Challenge!

    Hi Everyone!

    As some of you have noticed, we have a new spot in the Gallery to show off our layouts - the Look At My Layout space in the Bulletin Board category. (Hint: You upload to this space just like you'd upload to one of The Groove's contests.)

    I put one of my images up there today to get things going (thanks for all of your nice comments! ). My friendly "challenge" is that some of you put layouts there today too!

    But remember, limit your postings in the Look At My Layout gallery space to 3 layouts a day. You can always go crazy in your member gallery and put up as many posts there as you like.

    The whole point of the Look At My Layout space is to have a fun place where we can look at whole bunch of different images by different members on a single screen in the gallery (and don't forget, you can look at previous "screens" by clicking on the page numbers that will show up at the top - once we have more than one page in this category!!!!).

    However, despite the 3 layout rule, we only have my post there at the moment! Don't let me stay so lonely! I think it would be fun to see a few others. (My ulterior motive: as a moderator, I'd like to see how this new space works and if it is enjoyable for you all!)

    We expect this new gallery category to be a success, but please be patient if at first we experience a few "kinks" or have some folks that aren't exactly sure how to use this space -(as we're growing all the time!). Be asssured that we'll be keeping an eye on things to make sure everything is smooth,fun, and scraptastic.

    So, that's my challenge! The reward is the all the fun you'll have (is that way too cheesy? )


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    I see that several of you have used the new Look At My Layout section! YAY!

    We'll see how it goes - so far so good! I think this is a fun addition to the gallery.

    Thanks for your suggestions, feedback, and the positive response.