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  • Please Do Not Shoot Me!!!

    OK, y'all - so I have kinda sorta kept up with the "people are flooding the gallery" discussion.

    I rarely add photos here to this gallery and usually just use my flickr account.

    Tonight I added all the temnplates that I made for my brag book so that I could add a link in the product description in the store.

    I put it in a personal album so I thought it would not show up in the gallery for everyone to see!!! I didn't click private because I thought if I did that, the link from the store would not work. But since I don;t do much uploading here, I wasn't too sure about how the system works. I thought that if I put it in my own personal album, it would not show up in the gallery unless someone went to that album.

    I am so so so so so so sorry!!!!

    Please don't scalp me, please!!!

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    Oh Julie!! Do not fret, Nobody is going to scalp ya! We need you here!!!
    You do the challlenges, and we all like to see your work!!!!! So please no need to appologize!!! Gonna go take a look now, I bet they are all fantastic!

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      No Problem!

      It's nice to see your work! We appreciate your dedication to the Challenges and we also realize that there have been a lot of changes around here lately. No one is real sure where the layout are going to be posted but I'm sure we will figure out everything in a few days. As a matter of fact, I posted to the "Look At My Layout" and thought it would go into the forum postings underthat title. So you see, I'm sure in due time well will know exactly how to get our stuff where they need to be. LOL


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        Julie, Julie, Julie what are we going to do with you? I guess we have to keep you. It's ok, stuff happens. We still love you.

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          Never Fear Julie; we love you too much to scalp you! I enjoyed seeing your pages. No harm done at all.


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            I'm sorry, Julie!

            But we're going to have to shoot you!!! LOL We can't do without you!!


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              You are safe... for now



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                Hmmm?? I don't know Julie.. you look like you have pretty nice hair...A nice scalp to hang on my mantel piece LOL

                I love your work.. thanks for stuffing up so we could see it


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                  You never need to apologize for a mistake. We know you to well ---- where is my gun. We luv your work.
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                    LOL Julie. We laugh about things like this. If we had had a response like yours there would never have been a problem in the first place. We have too much respect for you to take offence. xxx
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                      shoot or scalp hmmmmm lol

                      dont worry babes was lovely looking at all of them xxx

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                        Julie Please !! Now Sad

                        Now is sad JULIE why who search in would galleria for members vera its templates that for signal so all pretty as I myself the look, and also all in knows them that you has good taste very! now is sad please!!ok


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                          Julie and all,

                          Just weighing in - remember that you can add as many layouts at one time to your own personal gallery as you'd like whenever you want (so what you did was just fine Julie - no such thing as "flooding" the gallery), including public or private albums. The Recent Photos are generated on what people put in their galleries - so if you put a lot of images in your member gallery, they will all show up there, and that's okay. Remember also that you can look "backward" through the recent photos by clicking on Recent Photos 1 day, last 7 days, etc. near the top right hand corner of the page.

                          The new Look At My Layout category in the gallery is a place where we are asking people to limit their uploads to 3 layouts a day (but again, this is a whole separate thing from the Recent Photos section). As Onie pointed out, this is a new system and it takes some explaining and getting used to, but in my view - so far, so good!



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                            Calling Deputy Bobby Bear!!! We have a suspect you much arrest. Proceed with the Perp to the town jail immediately! No rations, no privileges! The judge ain't available (darn, we don't have a judge in Scrapsville yet, confounded!!!) so there ain't going to be a trial. We go straitgh to the dungeon with the culprit.

                            Ok. gang, time for the lynching. Every one with duck tape, feathers, and the usual implements of torture, please report asap to the torture chamber. We have to teach this peon a lesson. No mercy!

                            Don't forget to bring the root bear and the popcorn. Might as well enjoy ourselves while we're at it!

                            No coupons accepted for this event either. Pay full price or loose out, loosers!!!

                            ps: Julie, Julie!!!! You nut case! Thank you for providing the entertainment. It was getting dull around the dungeon lately.

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                              Julie - no big deal!! We're supposed to upload to the Bulletin Board (which will also go into recent photos a.k.a. gallery) when we're putting layouts in for others to see and comment on.

                              I look at the bulletin board FIRST now, anyway! But I still look in recent images for those who haven't figured it out yet!