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What do you do with the pages you've created?

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  • What do you do with the pages you've created?

    Ok......silly question, I know. (Hey, I'm new!) But, what do all you pros do with the pages you've created in SM? I know you can email them, save them to a CD, etc... but I want my end result to be book in hand completed. Does SM print pages and send them to you? If not, where do you guys print your pages out and do you then stick everything into your own photo album?

    Thank you so much!! I'm just trying to figure this all out!

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    You can use the "Photo CD" output option and then take the CD to a store that develops pictures. If they have a Kodak machine then you can even put the disk into the machine and print from there. Most of these same developers will have a way to email the pictures to them but be sure to output to Images then attach those because the automatic email option reduces the size of your picts.

    Adam Kapilik


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      Has anyone ever made all your pages in SM and then transfered your pages into another program (such as picaboo) that actually prints and binds them for you? If so, PLEASE tell me how they turned out. I'm looking for anyone who has done this.