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  • Help - print quality

    I'm wondering if anyone has time to offer me some suggestions of what I can do to improve print quality
    I need to change my scrapbook pages into jpegs so i can have them printed in a photobook by a particular company as this is what their software requires. I need to stick with these guys as they are in Australia and I can afford them and their products have a very good name
    The problem is: I use the publish to images (using "highest quality" and "fullsize" options) in sbm program. Then when i transfer the page to the photobook program is of poor quality - both the embelleshments and photos become blurry. I have even icreased the dpi from 300 (what the photobook program recommends) to 600dpi and it makes no difference. I have used the custom page option when creating my page sizes to exactly match the photobook page size.
    Any ideas on why the quailty deteriorates when in the photobook program (photos put directly into it do not and the guys who publish the photobooks claim it should work with any program as long as using jpeg files) ? and how can i improve the quality of the jpeg files?
    Sorry - another long question from me!

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    Check your settings on the page

    Hi Nancee
    When I had some pages printed by Scrapbooks to Share I had a similar problem and found that my original settings for the pages were wrong. This was almost a year ago now so I forget specifically but check the "settings" on your Page (where you set the background)


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      Thanks Ellen but they were o.k
      ANy other suggestions...anyone.....please?