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    Ah so, ok, so you want to upload to the forum. Ok. well, seems that every one else was having the same problem, but it's working now. Since there are so many other experts here on that subject, I will let them help you.

    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you aboard!


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      Originally posted by omajo View Post
      Its me again

      Thank Onie, Granny and Eye,

      Here is my problem, I could not upload 2 of my LO, messege Fatal Error,...... line 99

      I've used a blank template from SBM, used one of the background.
      Then I attached a picture which I've modified the colors using PS, gradient colors, then I used embie from 'Grandmothers Wedding', change the colors, using "Advanced Effect, change colors", modified the hue and saturation, attached some more pictures which I modified the colors too with Advanced Effect. Thats it.
      It not a very big file, about 250KB

      I have not change the color of the whole LO

      Please tell me what I must not do.

      Desmond said to reboot computer and retry. I did that and could then upload. Give it a try. You are not alone their was at least 4 others having the same problem last night.
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        omajo needs help

        Hip, hip horeee, I've just upload my 2 LOs with no trouble at all.

        Must be the system failure, or probably because Desmond is working on some improvements, very good.

        I agree with Onie, to give messege which we can understand, for SBM users. not that we do not understand.
        But anyway, back to fun again. I still have to learn a lot from all of you.

        Thanks again

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