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    Here we go------------ for all those who are new it is a great site for you .Srapbookmax---some of you are good lookin and some of you well lets just say butter us up .Excellent site and a hard site as alot of women together and few men I have to say makes up a bad headache.Scrapbook Max you have to deal with many personalities.Yes I am one of those rotten people. I am french and also a nurse. So you will have to listen to a nurse side. I am not a trouble maker but a sweet honest person.My job(nurse) has to deal with many conflicts. We are trained no touble. So when I speak it is from my soul-- no lies and no trouble. Though you may have thought me trouble I was protecting which of coarse is the nursing part in me.You can not hold the protecting part of me. But to all that read this I apologize for my sharpness and rudeness.To you Scrapbook max you are the BEST. I luv it here. To all the new commers pay no attention to our thoughts.But you know what we should be able to have PRIVACY and also FREEDOM OF SPEECH without delete. What I say or anyone else say will not scare people away as you are the TOPS. Talk to much eh ----just the french in me .SCRAPBOOK MAX ROCKS


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    We're glad you love it here! One of the best things about a community is the different personalities that come together - we all learn from each other!

    Happy scrappin'!


    (Thanks to Donna Thomas (autisticwonder) for the great blinkie!)
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      .................... EYE CHILLS


      & WE ALL LOVE YOU TOO EYE......


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        eye never be uncomfortable with just being you thats what makes you special

        i too, have a feisty temper but also a caring one, wonder if it runs in the nursing groups )))))) that is what i used to be till i took seriously ill and was medically retired and although i know i am lucky to be witin this group and have the support i do at home, it happens i am irritable and not good to company or others but it does not make us a bad person within, its just life and what makes it tick.



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          Hey Eye, You must of finished that whole bottle didnt you??????????

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            I luv you eye on your good days and the bad ones are very special to me and a wonderful caring friend
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              Love you eye......we know where you're coming from xxxx
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                Love you, Eye and so glad you are here with us!