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Tutorial Transparent Backgrounds in three programs

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  • Tutorial Transparent Backgrounds in three programs

    Tutorial Transparent Backgrounds in three programs
    This will tell you how to do this in three different programs. I hope it helps!

    You can download the Gimp and it's free, not just a trial. It does most things the expensive programs do.

    Download at:


    1.Open your clipart in the Gimp program
    2.Go to layer & click on transparency, click to the right for menu
    3.Click on add alpha channel
    4.Go to tools-selection tools-fuzzy select
    5.Click on your white background
    6.Go to edit & click on cut
    7.Go to file-save as. Name your document. Choose folder you want to save in.
    8.Click on select file type-click on png- click on save.
    9.In the box that comes up, place a checkmark beside:
    save background color; save resolution; save color values.
    10.Hit ok
    This sounds like a lot of steps, but it's really fast & easy to do.

    Doing this will get rid of the dreaded "white box".


    Instructions to remove white background from Clipart or embellishments using Photoshop Elements
    1.Open your clipart picture or embellishment you want to make transparent.
    2.Double-click on background layer. It should say new layer O. Click ok.
    3.Click on the white background with the magic wand; you should see the “marching ants” now.
    4.Go to edit and click cut. You should now have a checkerboard background.
    5.Go to file and then to save for web. A new screen comes up. Be sure it says PNG-24 and there is a checkmark beside transparency. Click ok.
    6.You get your save box so you can choose the folder you want to save it in and a file name. Be sure the save type in PNG.

    Transparent background using COREL PAINT SHOP PRO
    1. Open your image
    2. Click on image- palette- set palette transparency
    3. Export as png optimizer
    4 Save where you want it.

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    SUPER job explaining this in the 3 most common forms!!! LOVE it!! For those who don't know why this is important to know...THIS IS HOW WE MAKE OUR LOVELY EMBELLISHMENTS!!! or at least One of the ways!! So you can isolate just the image you want popping up on your screen without the white background!!


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      I think I will have to copy and paste all these great lessons to make a manual.Thank you
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        Magic! I just tried this on photoshop elements with an alpha I had which had the white backgrounds. Easy when you know how isnt it? I would never have worked it out on my own!
        Many many thanks!



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          I just love using the GIMP Program!!
          It Rocks!!


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            Well I can see that i will have to get my dd to download this for me.

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              Thank you

              Thank you so much Linda for these instructions!!


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                Man I love smart people! These are great.


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                  Wow Linda, great lesson for Gimp using I used to use Gimp months ago, unfortunately is seems to be 'unstable' for my laptop as it always have to 'shut down' in the mid of my work. In the end I have no choice but to uninstall it. And grab PSP. Its just getting better and better for the advance version (for Gimp).

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                    Great idea to bring this forward.

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