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  • New at this and a little confused

    Hi everyone- Before I start- I would like to tell everyone of you that I think that you are all amazing. I have just bought the program, and received my cd a couple of days ago, but who needs it- you girls are so talented and generous with your work. I have visited a lot of sites and none compare to you girls. Thank you very much. Now I have undertaken a huge project for a greenhorn- I have to scrapbook my husbands family's pictures- from before his parents marriage to present, then create a slideshow- all before April- (ha- ha) Anyways- my question is when I try to resize objects- the sizing square is so big compared to the object- Is there anyway I can get this box to fit the object.... example the word might be only 1" by the resizing box is 3/4 of the page. I thank you for your help


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    Hi KL and welcome to SBM!!! You sure did pick the right program to work with! So have fun with it cause there is loads of stuff here just waiting to be used! I am not familiar with a greenhorn, so if you care to explain that one I'd be happy to hear what it is! Greenhorn to me is some kind of dinasaur! LOL Ok Anyway about your problem, If I understand correctly you want to resize and object?? I think that what you want so I will try to help but I am not good at explaining things so if You dont understand what I am saying someone will be along shortly to help! OK... now when you have a page open and you select something you can right click on the image and it will ask what you want to do ... in there you can crop it, change it, recolor it. I hope that is what you are talking about!!!! Sorry if its not!

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      LOL A greenhorn is a newbie- And yes I am trying to resize an object- words as a matter of fact- I am on my second page- the first was a breeze- the one I am doing now- I have a quote that I have done in Photoshop so I have brought it in line by line- so when I click on the first line- the green resizing box takes up the whole page- even though the first sentence is only about an inch long- so it is not letting me resize it properly- (and I have four sentences) which I can't access the others because the first line is over all the other other words--- I am confusing myself ..... If only the resizing box would not be bigger than the object that is in it everything would be A-ok.


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        Can you crop it in Photoshop so you only have the words you are using?

        You may have a good reason for doing your jouralling in Photoshop, could you not do it in Scrapbook Max?


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          I feel so silly- I was adding my sentences as pngs but I had not noticed the crop tool- sorry- I guess I have a lot to learn- every program used the same tools but differently- But just your comment sent me to those tool so thank you very much- its pretty frustrating at times when you change programs but from what I can tell you girls will make the learning curb a little easier- Thanks again- Looks like I'll be on here a lot- I didn't even get to download the bonus pack- that was in the email- by the time I read about on here it was too late- oh well I guess - you snooze - you loose- lol- So thanks again- and have a great night girls