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  • Saving to a pdf

    Is there a way to save only one page of a scrapbook? When I publish to pdf, it saves the entire scrapbook, but I don't always want that option. I'd like to do save individual this possible?

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    Hi Holly!

    Here's something that you can do:

    Create a new scrapbook (choosing Blank Scrapbook) - giving it a name that makes sense to you.

    Once you're in the design space, choose Page > Import. This will call up a screen that displays all of the scrapbook pages you've made. You can select the page that you want to turn into a PDF to add to your scrapbook. Once it's added to the project, right-click on the page tab for the blank page that's already in the scrapbook (probably labeled Page 1) and choose 'Remove'. Now you can publish your single scrapbook page as a PDF by going to File > Publish to> PDF

    Try it out and let us know how it goes - hope that helps!



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      Hi Karin!

      Thank you and yes I have been doing it that way, but it sure seems like they should have a way to save one page to pdf instead of the entire book...makes it difficult and time consuming. Thank you for your reply though...I do appreciate it!


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        If you have a PDF creator program installed you can Print to PDF and check current page to get just the pages you want.