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Old Gallery Closing: Important News

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  • Old Gallery Closing: Important News

    Hello Scrapbook MAX! Friends!

    As you know, we've been moving and improving the Scrapbook MAX! site over the past few weeks, with more improvements to come.

    One important change that's coming soon is that the old gallery will be permanently taken down and no longer visible in about a week from now. (So far, we've been able to keep the old layout gallery visible during the move. However, the software running the gallery is no longer supported.)

    So, if you'd like to download any of your images from the old gallery in order to post them in the new forums, please do so by next Thursday (November 17, 2016). You can see and download from the old gallery here for one more week:

    However, a better option for sharing would be to upload your original versions here (rather than the download ones) as they will likely be of a higher quality that what's displayed in the old gallery. The new personal galleries here in these forums support much better resolution!


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    Thank you for the update Karin. Will there be a new layout gallery link here?


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      Hi Diane,

      Thanks for your question. The new forums allow users to share their layouts, but sharing is done in a different format than the old gallery. So, no - there won't be anything that looks quite like the old gallery here.

      There are a few ways to share and view layouts: you can go to anyone's profile (just click on their user name), and once there click on the Media tab. This will allow you to view anything that they've posted for sharing.

      You can also post layouts in the Look at my Layout forum. In fact, this is a great way to start your own 'gallery thread' built right into the forums. You could simply start a thread called 'SBM Diane's Layouts' or something like that, and updating it by post layouts you specifically want to share (and get comments on!)at any time. and of course, you're able to post layouts in any thread in the forums (like a Challenge thread, etc.)

      We think that the best part is that you can upload much higher-quality images than the old gallery allowed to really show off your beautiful work!

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        Kind wishes from Carena
        Scrapbook Max Digital Designer
        Visit me in the store Here also grab my blinkie if you wish.


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          Thank you for the update Karin! To simplify things could you make a "MEMBER LAYOUT GALLERY" in the "LOOK AT MY LAYOUT FORUM" and lock it at the top of the thread, then sort it by most recent layout added, to make it easier for our members to share their layouts? Just wondering?
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            Hi Diane - thanks for the great suggestion. I'm going to think about that a bit - I have a feeling that a thread like that could get too long and unwieldy - it strikes me as a better option to start your own personal album 'thread' in the Look at my Layout forum, and then add to it as you want to share layouts. Others will see that new posts have been made in that forum, and you can even link to it from other places in the forum to ask them to take a look. Let me know if I've misunderstood your request, which I certainly may have!

            I'm excited about all the new options, but it also takes time to adjust from the way we've been doing things, doesn't it? I've been watching to see how people are using things, too which could lead us to the best approach for sharing in this new format. And I really appreciate your insight -- you've been such a generous contributor to our community and have a great feel for how things might be presented, thank you.

            Thanks again!


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              Thank you Karin. The reason for my suggestion was due to the number of members we have. If each member created their own individual gallery in that section, it may be too difficult to locate any one member's gallery that you may be searching for. I thought it would be easier just to make one gallery for all members to upload into one location.


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                Hi Karin, I have another suggestion for a gallery layouts thread. I have seen this in other vbulletin digital scrapbooking forums. A new page could be created in vbulletin called Gallery Layouts or simply Gallery, where members can post their layouts. It can be organized by Date Uploaded. The new page can be added to the blue bar above. What do you think?