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Windows 10: Photos stored on pc not appearing

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  • Windows 10: Photos stored on pc not appearing

    My photos are all stored on Google Drive. When I begin a project, I download each jpeg file down to a folder on my computer desktop. Next, when beginning my Scrapbook page, I click the Add Photo To The Page button & direct it to the appropriate folder. Imagine my surprise when the folder is empty!

    Then if I try the Drag & Drop method, I get this error message:

    "The following dropped file could not be added to the project because it is an unsupported or invalid file."
    The file location & jpeg is then listed.

    I am a returning Scrapbook Max user, and just purchased the program & Expansion Pack download. This is my first project since my return & I am so disappointed that I can't even get started!

    Thanks for your assistance!

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    I went through this before with vista and it was a privacy setting for a folder. A friend had sent me several picture through email and I saved them to a new folder, some how they got saved in my folder with a privacy issue...... I copied them from that folder to another folder I already on my computer and it corrected itself...... Why? I have No IDEA. But my blood pressure went back down Not sure about Windows 10..... I don't have that anymore!! It was making everything act crazy on my computer when I upgrade, so I went back to Windows 7. Everything lined back out.
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