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    I have just noticed the new layout of SBM and trying to work my way around within it. I was actually wanting to look at some kits and not the expansion kits. I can't locate them. Could someone help me please? Also, I noticed there is a forum titled "New Releases". Went there and found a really cute kit called "So Happy Together", clicked on it to download it and it comes up with an error telling me it's no longer there but I just noticed some recent comments, so could someone tell me why I can't load the individual papers, embellishments, etc? I actually tried to reply within that forum and it wouldn't let me reply so not sure what's going on there either.

    Thank you

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    Nice to hear from you, and thanks for your question! In the process of our upgrade to a new server and redesign of the website this past November, we had to permanently close the former kits and templates store.

    As for having trouble replying in the forums, are you getting an error message of any kind? If you can let me know exactly what's happening when you try to post or reply (when it doesn't work) I may be able to help - thanks!



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      Hi Karin,

      Thank you for the information regarding the website and it's upgrade. I don't log onto the forums very often so this is why I wasn't aware of the changes.

      As for the trouble within the forums. Here is what happened. I was looking through the forum titled, "Inspiration: New Release Forum Has Simple Layout". I went into the one "So Happy To Be Together Kit". It had several elements packs for you to click on. When I clicked on each one of them, I got this message, "Not Found Error 404". So, I was going to ask my question within that forum but the only option I had was to click on the button "post reply" which was at the upper left corner of the page and not at the bottom like it is here. There was no place within that forum to actually type my question and there was no button at the bottom of the page like within this forum to "post reply". Maybe that forum is "closed" at this point????

      Anyway I did like the kit that was there and I wanted to get it and put it with my SBM kits.

      Also, since the former kits and templates store has closed, can you tell me how/where to get new kits? I am not interested in the expansion packs.

      Thank you for your help.