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Other non-SBM templates help TY!!

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  • Other non-SBM templates help TY!!

    Hello, I have had SBM since the early 2000's and LOVE it. I have always had trouble getting non-SBM templates in to the program. It's says that SBM will do tif files but when I bring it in it comes in as a flat pic like a jpg. is there somewhere I can read about how its supposed to work? When I bring in the .png's then go to edit them they do not hold their shape and just stick in square pics... so how exactly are we supposed to be able to use others templates? Thanks SO much for any help!!! I have the latest version too :-)

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    OK, well with no help and a cool template that I was really motivated to use I kept working on this problem, and figured it out. You need to take the folder of .png files for the template and put it into "the shapes" section of SBM then bring each shape in and put the template together that way!! YAY!!!!!!!! Hope this helps others!!