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  • JPEG v JPG

    So, I love love LOVE my SBM but, for some reason my iPhone is saving pics as JPEG and SBM doesn't support them. (jpg yes but jpeg no) I've spent better part of a day trying to figure out how to make either one work with the other to no avail... ugh. Please someone tell me theres a better solution other than opening my pictures in Paint and saving as .jpg That takes forever when I'm putting together an entire year album with hundreds of photos... Help please!!!

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    Can you tell me the exact text of the error message you're receiving when you try to insert your photo? (It would be helpful if you could share one of your photos' filenames exactly as it appears -- for example: john-birthday.jpg) What are the exact steps are you're taking to get the photo into your project? Thanks!


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      Yes, when I try to drag/drop any file with a .jpeg it says
      "The following dropped file could not be added to the project because it is an unsupported or invalid file" . All .jpg files are fine and drop in perfectly. when I go to the add photo icon, and then navigate to the folder I have the picture I want, it doesn't show that picture as available. All .jpg or .png files are available to select or drop fine.


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        I just checked - you'll need to change the file extension from .jpeg to .jpg

        You don't need to go through Paint -- just rename the '.jpeg' part to '.jpg' like renaming any file.
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          thank you! I'm opening each on in paint and "save as" a png file. I've already done about 200 that way and not even 1/2 way done with album... going a little crazy right now.


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            OMGosh it worked!! LOL, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Happy Thanksgiving!


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              I'm glad it worked! Thank you for the lovely wishes - and a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!