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    I haven't been on the site since my computer crashed and I lost all the kits, templates, expansion packs and my projects since 2005. I have retrieved my Scrapbooks Max! 2, but would like to get kits again, but I can only find expansion packs. What happened to all the kits which were available for purchase?

    Please help!

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    Thanks for your note and for stopping by! I'm sorry to hear you had a computer issue.

    Our digital kit and template store has actually been closed since 2016. We do still have our mega expansion packs but we no longer have individual kits and templates available for sale.

    If you're looking to expand your Scrapbook MAX! content beyond the expansion packs, you can look for kits found on other digital scrapbooking sites as the software is compatible with all popular image types (.JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .GIF). There are lots of kits available both for purchase and for free. In our Sharing Corner, members have shared sites where you can find content that works with Scrapbook MAX!.

    Check out the Favorite Sites forum for some ideas:

    Hope that helps!

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      Hi Karin

      Thank you so much for your response. What a pity these wonderful kits are not available any more. I'll certainly try the other sites recommended.

      Enjoy your day!