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Trying to get scrapbook max back in the updated version I had on different computer

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  • Trying to get scrapbook max back in the updated version I had on different computer

    I updated to windows 2013 and also went from my desk top to a laptop.

    In the process I had to re-run my DVD of Scrapbook Max to get it back....... however it doesn't have much on it because most of my projects were on the updated version- version 2, which I updated to online.

    How do I get all my projects to show up now?

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    Hello! By default, Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 projects are saved to My Documents > Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 on your computer (not to an online location). You will need to go to this folder on your desktop computer ( your old computer), make a copy of it, and once you've installed Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 software on your laptop (your new computer) you can copy this folder to the same location on the new computer (My Documents). Then, when you open up the Scrapbook MAX! program on your new computer, you should have access to your old content.


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      I no longer have my old computer. I only have one software dvd which is the number #1. When Scrapbook max was checking my internet connections way back to make sure i had the latest version that is when I updated to # 2. I didn't get another dvd. There are files in my documents on my laptop but my technician said they would connect when i get the updated scrapbook software back on my laptop which isn't happening.


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        My technician showed me the old documents that do have the Scrapbook Max 2.0 that came from my old computer and were put on the new laptop and I can see project titles but not having the software for some reason they are not connecting.
        I do not remember getting another CD-rom for installation like i did the first one. the first one came in the mail. So therefore i don't have any else to install. I thought it was updated through the internet?
        Any more suggestions? Please


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          If you didn't make a back up copy of Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 software, you can contact our reseller Cleverbridge to request a new link. Please be sure to provide them with as much information about your order as possible (Name, Address, Order Number, Date of purchase, name of products purchased). Please make a back up of the file that you download from the link to an external source so that you have a back up should you ever need to reinstall. You can find their contact information here:


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            Thank you.


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              Did you get the help you needed? I have the same issue. I made the backup cd and still can not get installed


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                Hi carrie w,

                Can you tell me the exact steps you are taking to install the software? Are you getting any error messages - and if so, where in the process do they appear? Thanks!