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importing scrapbook kits and embellishments from creators other than SBM

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  • importing scrapbook kits and embellishments from creators other than SBM

    How do I import digital scrapbook papers, embellishments and kits that I have purchased onlinen but not from SBM?

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    I am not talking about adding digital embellishments to a particular scrapbook page, I want to add embellishments, pages, and kits that are not made by SBM that I purchase from other creators so that it becomes part of my SBM programing, Just like buying an expansion pack from SBM, but from other content creators.


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      Thanks for your question! You have a couple of options: you can open up your Scrapbook MAX! project and open the folder where you've stored your scrapbooking content (the items you purchased from other creators) , then simply drag and drop the items that you want to use right onto your page! You'll be prompted with a screen that asks how you want to import the item: as an embellishment, paper scrap, photo or background. Make your choice, and it will be added to the page!

      Alternatively, you can use the browse buttons in the software to navigate to your scrapbooking content. So, if you want to add embellishments, choose Object > Embellishment when working on your page, then use the browse button on the dialog (the little 'folder' icon) to navigate to the folder on your computer where you store your scrapbooking content, and then go ahead and add wha you'd like to your page.

      Hope that helps - enjoy!