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  • question about publishing

    I'm very new to scrapbooking and jumping in to the electronic mode. My question is when I get to publishing how will size of final page effect the page as seen on the computer screen. I was going to go to 12x12 hard copy but I am concerned that a printed copy of the computer screen will be distorted by that. Am I worrying about nothing or should I go to 8x11? Thank you

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    Hello there!

    Thanks for your post and welcome!

    Can you clarify a bit about what you're trying to accomplish for your final product or product? Do you have a printer that prints 12 x 12 images - or are you planning to have your 12 x 12 pages printed by a professional service? Or are you trying to achieve something else for your final look and format?

    As you've seen, Scrapbook MAX! allows you to design and publish at many different sizes, but what you choose really depends on your end goal. With a bit more information, I may be better able to help.