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"Select Photo Not Responding." How can I fix this?

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  • "Select Photo Not Responding." How can I fix this?

    When I click on add photo, the program says: "Select Photo Not Responding." How can I fix this?

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    If this is a problem that just started, have you made any changes to your computer recently (any recent updates, for example?)

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software?



    • CJ 19
      CJ 19 commented
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      I have not made any changes to my computer. The program worked beautifully on the free trial so I was so excited to have the full program. When installed the full program it said I needed to uninstall the trail program first, so I did that and then reinstalled the scrapbookmax2 program. It doesn't matter if I double click on "add photo" or go in through object>photo or add photo, I get the message: "select photo not responding." I uninstalled ScrapbookMax2 twice and reinstalled and the same thing happened. I turned off my computer and then went back in and reinstalled the program and still got the same message. The strange thing is that it worked beautifully with the free trial.

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      Hi Carol,

      Can you please get in touch with us via email using our contact page? Please include your order number in your message. That way I can see about sending you a new link so that you can download the program again and try installing one more time. Perhaps something went wrong with the download. Here is a link to our contact form:

      - Karin


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        Hi JC19 and Karin, I have the same problem. I have not done any changes and needed to make a page today and to my surprise I cannot select any pictures no matter what I do. I would like some help please.
        kind regards


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          Hello Moonlightpearl,

          Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Scrapbook MAX! 2.0? Perhaps that will fix the issue - let us know!



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            Hi Karin,
            it's all been resolved. I had a long windows update yesterday and everything works like it used too now.
            Thank you, God bless.


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              Glad to hear it and thanks for letting us know!

              Happy scrapbooking!