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Dragging elements from other files

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  • Dragging elements from other files

    I have been an avid user of Scrapbook Max for years. I use embellishments and papers that I have purchased from other designers and saved in files on my computer, and usually drag them from the file onto my page. When I do, usually Scrapbook Max prompts me to ask if I'm importing a photo, paper scrap, background, or tile. I was using Scrapbook Max as normal yesterday, but when I began using it today, I no longer get that prompt when I'm importing something. I closed the program and restarted my computer, but am still having the same problem. Can you help?

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    Can you please tell me what happens when you do drag the element onto your page? Does it in fact get added, and as what kind of object?



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      Whatever I'm dragging gets added immediately (i.e., there's no decision box askign me whether it is a photo, embellishment, or background.) I think it is added as a photo, so I can crop and modify it the same way I can a photo.


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        It sounds like you may have turned off the Drag and Drop Assistant somehow.

        Please go to Edit > Preferences in the Scrapbook MAX! menu. Make sure that under Drag and Drop, that you uncheck Automatically create object (don't ask). If this box is checked it means that you won't be asked how you'd like to add your objects and that they will be added as photos (and it sounds like that's what's been happening).

        Let me know if this helps - thanks!



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          Yes, that fixed it! Even a long-time user can learn new tricks! Thanks!


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            I'm glad this worked!

            I know what you mean about using SBMAX for a long time - and still discovering new tips and tricks!

            If you have any other questions, feel free to post.

            Happy scrapbooking!