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    I am absolutely loving looking at all of the layouts that have been submitted.
    But as usual I am a little confused
    Are these strictly just for viewing
    What if we wanted to make one of them
    How do we know what template, embellishment, etc to use
    Sorry to have so many questions but I have only had this program for 2 days
    and I keep finding more things that I want to know about.
    I'm having a ball with it but still want to know more

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    The gallery is for viewing Peggy. If you scroll down you may find credits listed to various people for the products used. Many products are found in the template or embellishments forum that are shared with us by the claver peeps that make them. Many products sre also made in another programme but are then used in Scrapbook Max which is so versatile. Some of the templates and embelishments are available in the booster store for purchase, see the Booster Pack symbol at the top of the programme. You can also buy from other programmes. A lot of people use other programmes like Photoshop in conjunction with Scrapbook Max but I am not in their league lol. You'll soon get the hang of things in Scrapbook Max, it is very user friendly.
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