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    Hello, I get these emails from Gracie that have tips for using this program. I was wondering if those tips are also posted somewhere on this message board for easy access?

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    I don't know. I don't get any emails from Gracie, but they sure would be nice if they offer tips! How can we sign up to get them, Gracie?


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      Hi witchdct!

      Are you perhaps using the trial version of Scrapbook MAX!? You will receive emails throughout the trial period that include tips on how to use Scrapbook MAX!. (Hope that answers yor question about the emails, Linda). However, that's a great idea about making those tips available to everyone in the forums - I'm going to get working on that one!

      In the meantime... a great place for tips is the Scrapbook MAX! User's Guide which you can read by going to or by choosing Help> Scrapbook MAX! User's Guide. There will actually be a product update released in the next few days that includes a new-and-improved User's Guide. We will release details in the forums when it is out.

      Also, have you signed up for Scrapbook MAX!'s free monthly newsletter, The Groove? Each month, you'll get an email link to download The Groove in pdf format or you can read it online. It's full of tips and tricks, inspirations, contests, freebies, coupons, interviews, and more. I'd urge you to sign up - it's lots of fun! (It comes out on the first of the month - so sign up today and get your first Groove tomorrow!)

      Hope that answers your question!
      Happy Scrapping!


      P.S. I like this idea about a place in the forums specifically for tips and tricks. That's a great suggestion!


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        Tips and Tricks forum would be brilliant, yes yes yes
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