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Templates I have been seeing on the internet

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  • Templates I have been seeing on the internet

    I have been seeing these (attached Picture) templates all over the net. Does anybody know if this is something we can use in Scrapbook Max? Sometimes you just dont feel like thinking much and they could come in handy. I downloaded one freebie and it has come over as a PSD. Can I open it in another program and change it. I am also enclosing her blog so you can see it there.
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    Thanks y love you site has pretty things . congratulations for its creativity ok kisses


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      My quick clicks are essentially layered templates for scrapbook max. You can find them in the store if you look at my section (julie clark)

      the ones you're talking about are usually done as photoshop files (will work in some other programs, too)

      some designers are starting to add the individual .png files too - You essentially "layer" your papers over the different layers and use them as clipping masks to make the papers take on the shape of the elements.

      With SBM, the same thing can be done by using shapes.

      I think there may still be a freebie quick click available somewhere that I gave away some time ago - I'll go hunt for it and see if you'd like to try your hand at it.
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        I understand the process now after you have explained it. If the template was done in Scrapbookmax it would be a timesaver. But to convert it from Phototshop I just dont think it is worth it. But thanks again for explaining it to me. I will do a search for yours.

        Thanks Again, Traci