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uploading to gallery wont work

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  • uploading to gallery wont work

    Hi all,

    I did upload to images to my gallery already, no probs. Now wanted to add another one to it. But it keeps on failing.
    What am I doing wrong.
    I go to add photo, then add the file and than click the upload button and then screen goes blank with text in the middle wich says:
    'preparing to process image list' (and underneath in blue the link for ; if your browser doesnt open click this link ..blabla)
    but then the screen goes blank
    and thats it

    then I go back and try to do it all again but same outcome over and over again. I dont get it.
    I am doing exactly the same as I did with the first two, so what is different??


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    oh and forgot to say

    that the file I am trying to upload is even smaller than the ones already there so I doubt if its a size thing!


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      To post on the gallery is different than posting a template in templates and sometimes we can confuse them..If you are going to FILE>PUBLISH>IMAGES> then clicking the SIZE box to MEDIUM and the file is going to PUBLISH folder for you to click on images....if you have done all that..then perhaps when you are in the gallery need to be sure to open the file the image is in and click directly on the image link..Sounds..
      Sounds like the template process you are using and not the gallery loading..
      List the steps you are taking to upload to gallery..Hopefully, one of us will figure it out for you!! Good Luck!!


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        woops sorry but...

        i dont use SBM ( as i was having problems with the trial closing down on me every time i wanted to add something to my layout, i decided not to buy)
        so i am going straight to the gallery/member gallery ........then go to my own gallery and then click the link that is there that says 'add photo', next screen lets you locate the file on your own hard drive and then just click the upload button. But every time theres a blank screen that i end up with.

        dont get it
        maybe my server is going cuckoo, my email program isnt downloading properly so will see if this is the problem first.

        totally over here


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          Is your file in a jpg format? And it is not to large?



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            It looks like you were trying to upload files that were very large. I've cleared out your temp folder, you should now be able to upload correctly. Please make sure you follow these directions when you output (don't upload a full-sized layout!):