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  • New and confused!

    I am new to Scrapbook MAX and am confused. When I download a zip file, where do I put it and how do I find it after I put it somewhere? How do I download it into Scrapbook MAX so I can use it? Can someone please help me? Also, can I use other 3rd party .png and .gif files in Scrapbook MAX? I have no clue what I am doing!

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    Hi Hunnibunni,

    I am new here, but maybe I can offer some help. First of all, what .zip file are you downloading. If it's from the link that you received when you purchased the program, that file is an .exe file, not a .zip.

    If it's not, and you are indeed downloading a .zip file that contains items of a template then I suggest you create a 'download' folder on your computer, whether you do it on your desktop, or from your C:drive. Whenever, you download anything, just browse to where you have created the folder and drop your file in there. In that way you will always find you downloaded file when you need it.

    Another way to find the file is to do a search. If you know the name of the .zip file, click Start, then 'search', choose file and folders, and type the name of the file in the search criteria then it do it's thing.

    If you are lucky and it finds it, then just make a note of the location, or you can just go ahead and double click the location of the .zip file in the search window and the zip file will open up.

    Hope you can follow all of this. if that just post back and I'll try to help you some more.



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      Thank you Tburn...will try your suggestions!