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  • Resizing a background

    This has probably been asked before but I couldn't find it in FAQ. How do you resize a background so it comes onto the page in the proper size for instance if your page is 1024 x 768, how do you set your background to become that size because as far as I can see you can't resize in SBM by sides only or by top and bottom, everything has to be resized incrementaly. Thanks in advance for any help. I just purchased SBM and it's just great. Mary

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    welcome to SBM i'm sure you'll be an addict in no time

    you can change it by going into page settings (3rd button from right on the task bar one with the little picture on it)

    go to size

    in presets set to custom

    in size unit set to inches/cms or pixels

    change the width and height

    click ok

    and sbm will do the rest including resizing everything on the page so it looks how it did before the resize

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      Another thought is if I am reading your question correctly is to right click on the item you want to resize and uncheck the "keep aspect" option on the bottom.



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        Thank you both for your quick replys. The "keep aspect" did it. Is there any way to keep SBM permanently set so that you can resize sides individually? Thanks again for your help and I'm already addicted. Mary


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          I never have that problem as what I do is go into

          Image---Right click copy and then paste on desk top

          Okay now you open it to embellishments and place it at the bottom of tool bar as well as your pictures for use after you open scrapbook max

          Once you do that then open srapbook max
          go to embelllishments pick what you want for a backrground wheither it be paper or picture and drag and drop it into srapbook max . A window will pop up and you pick backrground and it will be the right size.It makes your work faster as well.

          Hope you can understand me.
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