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Scrapbook MAX! v1.0.6.1 Update

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  • Scrapbook MAX! v1.0.6.1 Update

    We released v1.0.6.1 of Scrapbook MAX! on February 7, 2007. To get the latest release, select Help > Check for Update from the menu bar in Scrapbook MAX!. That will automatically download the patch for you. It's free to anyone who owns an earlier version of Scrapbook MAX!.

    Scrapbook MAX! v1.0.6.1 is compatible with Windows Vista and comes with an updated user's guide, so be sure to update today!

    If you have any problems using the "Check for Update" feature from within the software, you can download the update patch directly. Save it to your Desktop and then double-click it to start the patch.

    Fixes in v.
    • Fixed an issue where page thumbnails were not being generated properly if pages were duplicated.
    • Fixed an issue where importing pages would fail to find the images if those pages contained grouped objects within grouped objects.
    • Fixed an issue with exporting templates where pages contained grouped objects within grouped objects.
    • Fixed an error that would occur if multiple '.' characters were entered at the end of a scrapbook name. Now any '.' characters at the end of a project name will be automatically removed.

    New Features in v.
    • Made Scrapbook MAX! Windows Vista compatible.
    • Totally new User's Guide with more tutorials. Find it on the Help menu!
    • Added the right-click Toolbars menu item (from the View menu item).
    • Removed the Scrapbook MAX! logo page from the PDF output option.

    Fixes in v.
    • Fixed a visual flickering of the page tabs when the ruler was visible.
    • Fixed an issue for projects being published to HTML pages where the slideshow did not work properly when viewed through Mozilla Firefox web browser.
    • Made it so grouped objects can be resized when you resize the page.
    • Fixed an issue where .GIF image files containing transparency didn't maintain their transparent areas when added to the project.
    • Fixed a bug where unneccessary files could be included when exporting a template.
    • Optimized the loading time of Scrapbook MAX!
    • Increased performance in certain areas of the program and added status to areas that may take longer to complete.
    • Fixed a bug where duplicate Paper Scraps and Shapes in page templates would not be imported properly.
    • Fixed a bug where importing (and exporting) a page from a project (Page > Import) that contained grouped objects with images would cause the images not to be found.
    • Fixed an issue where adding (and exporting) a page from a template (Page > Add) containing grouped image type objects would cause those files to be missing.
    Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!