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    I discovered I have a whole new "copy" of my scrapbook called Chargers when I was actually just trying to save changes on one page. I would like an option to just save the new page or save a second version of it rather than always having to overwrite the whole scrapbook? The same with the Publish. So far whenever I want to see how my future cd might look I have to overwrite it the one I previously saved. Am I going to have different files for slideshow, etc.?

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    You should only choose "Save As" when you want to save a whole new copy of your scrpabook under a different name. If you just want to save the changes you made, choose "Save".

    When you publish, you are given a choice of where you'd like to publish to. The default is what most people choose, and puts it in your My Documents folder, under "Scrapbook MAX! > Published Files > Your Scrapbook Name".
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