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    I have just found out i can put my own embellishment files into scrap max but when i do this it seem to make new files. For instance i went to put the safari alpha into abc-123 file, but it did not go there it made a new file, but i previously put in another alpha file that went straight to the abc file.
    Am i making sense lol.
    I also made a new file for ribbons & bows, but when i added a ribbon to it, it made another file. I don't want to have all these files every where is there something i can do to get them all in the same file, i don't seem to be able to right click on them either, so how do i delete them in the future.
    Hope i'm not making you as confused as i am right now but any help would be appreciated.

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    Jojo thanks for asking that question. I have the same problem and I don't know how to solve it. Hope somebody will find a solution for us.


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      When you select an image file from your system (let's call this the "source file") Scrapbook MAX! does make a copy of it and sometimes performs some conversion on it (let's call this the "working file"). The working file is created in your scrapbook's project folder. That is why updating the source file has no effect on the working file.

      The easiest way to update the image is to double-click the object in Scrapbook MAX! and re-browse for the source file. The other way to to it is to browse to the source file in Windows explorer and then hold down the Shift key on your computer and then drag and drop it onto the object that should use it as its working file.

      The reason that we make a copy of the file is that if you apply an effect to it or something like that the working file gets permanently changed and we would not want to do that to your source files.
      Brett Kapilik
      Indigo Rose Corporation