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Question on inserting photos

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  • Question on inserting photos

    Good morning everybody! Hope you all had a great weekend. I have a question - I have noticed that in the templates there is a greyed out area to click on to automaticly insert photos- is there anywhere in this program that I can find these inserts to put in the template that I create myself? I find them cool- cause they crop the pics- I hope that I have explained myself clearly- (still on my first cup of coffee) Thank you


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    i posted some photo blanks in the embellishment section...heres the link

    you can just click on a photo while in smb and right click on the photo...down towards the bottom of the box you will see 'clear image' this will give the same effect

    fiona xx

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      You girls are amazing - Thanks

      I still can't get over how fast I get help on this forum- I can get right back to work- I can't wait till I get good enough to share something with you guys- but till then, I just gaze with envy-

      Thanks again

      By the way is there a way to change the default to download the stuff from here on a different drive- ?


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        Just right-click on the link and "Save Target As". You can then choose a location or drive to download and save the template/booster pack to.

        After you download the template/booster, just double-click to install.

        Hopes that helps!
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