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  • Cropping Question

    Hi all! I've been using Scrapbook Max for a while and really like it. I'm finding more cool things that it's capable of doing but I can't figure out if the capacity to crop a specific item out, is there. I have one person that I'd like to completely extract from a photo (kind of like you would outline a person in PSE). Is that possible w/ SM? TIA for any info!

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    I'm eager to hear the answer to this question. My gut response would be no, but I'm still learning stuff too. Oh Dr. Marion!!!!


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      yes, I agree to Spani, consults Dr Marion, Angelwinthin, Granny, but necessarily our also moderators, that is magnifics people ok kisses


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        Hi Bina!

        Have you tried using the cropping tool in Scrapbook MAX!? Right-click on the picture you want to crop, then choose, Effects > Crop from the dropdown menu.

        You will be presented with a cropping box in a dialog which you can reposition, enlarge, or shrink to capture the part of the picture that you want to use. It's not exactly like taking scissors and cutting around the perimeter of something in the photo, but I find that you can get some pretty great results with this tool.

        A discussion about cropping can be found right at the beginning of Chapter Five "More Great Features and Tools" in the User's Guide. Click here to read the guide online.

        Let us know what you think!



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          the only way ive found to crop in SBM is to crop square shapes which often isnt the shape you want .........i would use another programme such as PSP, PSE etc and crop the picture you want in that on a transparent image and save as a png and import via the embellishment button

          hope that helps

          fiona xx

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            Well SBM that is another item for the wishlist. Please can you make a cropping tool that cuts around an item? Thank you x
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              Thanks for the replies! Fiona hit the nail on the head in re: to what I'm wanting to do (and answered my question that it wasn't possible in SBM). I use the cropping tool (that box) but it's fairly limited. Thanks again!


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                Sometimes you can use a different shape like oval or round that will crop away part of what you don't want. Just another maybe not so perfect option.


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                  Thanks, Marion! I love the shapes feature.