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  • Pages printed from Scrapbook Max....

    A few questions here.......Does anyone have their pages printed from Scrapbook Max? If so, I'm assuming they come individually and then you just put them in a photo album until it gets full.......Then do you just create and order prints of your pages as you have time to work on them?

    .........Not sure of this whole digital scrapbooking thing since I've always been a "hands-on" scrapbooker with paper, stickers, etc. so I'm trying to make sense of it all!!

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    I haven't printed anything yet. I publish my scrapbooks to a slideshow and put them on a CD. I figure it is much easier to store CD's (less bulky) than scrapbooks. I too was an old hands on scrapper with paper, and scissors before this. If want to show someone my scrapbooks, I just play the slideshow for them. Slideshows are easy to take with you too---take the CD or take the Slideshow on a jumpdrive (or memory stick) and put on anyones computer.


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      Printing pages

      I used the photos services in Scrapbook Max and was quite satisfied with it. The photos were shipped from a photo company about 30 miles from my house so they arrived within a few days already cut to 8x8 size. It seems you pay one shipping charge at SBM, so I usually order about three or four prints at a time. I could print my own 8x8 with the printer, but I don't think it saves money when you factor in the cost of the cartridges. With the shipping cost added into the SBM cost, going to a local Walmart store might be just as cost effective but not as convenient.

      You could print a "brag Book" using the 8X8 you already made. I use a photo program that came with my digital camera to print a 3.5 x 3.5, but SBM can also resize and keep the proportions of the original. PAGE>SETUP>SIZE. Also change the print paper size to index card before printing on 4X6 paper.
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