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    This probably is going to sound very stubid but when I download templates from other users (smt files) I save them in a folder which I labeled as templates . Same thing for embellishments. Now come the part that is very confusing to me. When I go to make a new album there is an option titled themes and that is where I go to start my album with my first page, but the templates that I have downloaded are not in this section. How do I get to them to start a new album. Am I making any sort of sense. When adding pages I suppose that I could browse and get to them but I really don't know the difference in themes and templates.
    any help is greatly appreciated

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    If you've download a "SMT" template, try double-clicking to install it, then restart SB Max! and they should show up when you create a new scrapbook.

    For example, the file "iiRe_AllYouNeed_SQ.smt" would show up like this... See attached

    Themes are basically the "installed templates"... The default directory was SBM looks is "My Documents/Scrapbook MAX!/Templates" You can also copy them into this folder
    and they will show up in the Themes dialog.

    There are no stupid questions here... weill Ok, maybe a couple...

    Hope that helps!
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      Good Question Peggy

      That question or simular has been asked before. The current SBM software does not allow for you to use your templetes by themes. Example: If you have a folder for BABY and you store all your baby related templetes there. There isn't a way to within SBM to select BABY and retrieve all the templetes in that folder. Like many of us, we now have hundreds of templetes and we have to skim through them all in order to find the one we want. The only other suggestion might be to remain them: Example BABY-then the original name after. That would but your temples in alpha order.

      It's been a LONG time since this has come up, and now that we have so many new talented creators on here.......... Has anyone come up with any other thoughts on the topic of storing and usin accordingly to "THEMES" ?


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