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    I don't understand why I can't download any photos to my gallery. I can't believe they are all too large. I have about 20 new pages I would like to add. They have all been done in Photo Shop elements. I saved them as jpeg files.

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    I save my album pages with the image quality high and image size medium and they all come out at the right size to load.

    What are the sizes of the files?
    Sue xx

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      Some of the files are as much as 10.5 mb. I don't know what that means.
      I do appreciate the quick response and your help.


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        The issue you're experiencing *Definitely* has to do with your file size. An acceptable JPEG size to upload to the forums is around 50-250 kb (0.05 - 0.25 mb) ... though it'll prolly work with slightly larger files as well.

        Please see this thread:
        Uploading to the Scrapbook MAX! Gallery

        I've removed the files from your temp upload location, so assuming you upload a correctly sized file, you shouldn't have any problems.



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          Still need help

          Another problem I have is I don't know how to take a page from PSE and download it to Scrapbook Max. I'm kind of fumbling my way through and can't seem to get it to work. I hope you understand what I am talking about.

          Thanking you in advance.


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            Because Scrapbook MAX! doesn't read PSE files by itself, you'll have to export the individual elements.

            SO, let's say you had a background, with a flower and picture on top. You'd have to export the background as one file, the flower as another file, and the photo as a third.

            As well, if you want the flower to be a shape other than rectangular, you'll have to export it with a transparent packground, in a file format that supports "alpha layer transparency". (PNG is ideal for this).



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              Do I have to do all this for just posting my pictures to my gallery?


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                No for the gallery it just has to be in JPG format.


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                  Okay, but how do I reduce the size. I'm just not getting it. When I post on the gallery I'm not getting the screen where you can change the size. My layouts are in my documents file, so when I pull that up, I can't find any way to change the files.

                  I am Doomed


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                    There should be a function in your photoshop program that will allow you to change image size. Look for this first (And no, your not doomed!)


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                      The JPEG you upload to the gallery has to be small enough to not make the resize portion of the gallery software fail -- that's why we ask that you output your pages with the Web / Email option selected.

                      However, if you want to resize your full JPEG files in Photoshop, make them 650 px wide.

                      The gallery will resize images within reason, but it's capabilities are limited.